Skiing is one of the prime attractions in Kashmir and is able for enterprise seekers searching for a day of fun and energizing in the midst of the valleys of Kashmir. Skiing in the Himalayas is unquestionably an absolute necessity do as it permits you to get a look of the forceful mountains entirely very close.

Gulmarg, Kashmir is considered as the best ski resort in the Himalayas. This Ski Resort was established in 1927 by the British and its foundation is credited to two British Army Officers named Major Hadow and Major Metcarp who had once setup a Ski Club of India at Gulmarg amid the British Raj in India.

The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you . . . you can feel it.

Skiing in the snow-clad heaps of Gulmarg was very famous amid the pre-autonomy time particularly amid the occasions facilitated in Christmas and Easter Day. There is a notice that more than 500 Skiers partook in the Christmas and Easter ski race occasions which was sorted out in 1938-39.

Gulmarg is certify as the most astounding link auto empowered ski resorts on the planet for the most part because of a Gondola Cable Car Lift that was setup here. The second segment of this link auto takes you up to a tallness of around 4,000 meters over the snow level from where you can appreciate a 5-km downhill ski run. To profit the Gondola Cable auto office, Skiers can buy a Daily, Weekly, or Seasonal go from the Ski Resort Center. Aside from the second area, there are 3 ski lifts to fill the need for amateurs and middle of the road level skiers, individually.